I am a creative specialist.
Luoviva Aika is my Design Trademark.
The idea for this site is a continuum of impulses starting in year 2000.
My official studies in Finland:
Media culture & Visual arts; graduated 2004, Art history 2004-2006, Fine art 2009-2010,
Arts and crafts 2010-2011, Goetheanistic art 2011-2012 & 2014-2015,
Culture, Philosophy, Arts and crafts in Waldorf pedagogics 2013-2014.
​Further I have studied dance and bodywork in different contexts over the years.
I worked as radio reporter of music news summer 1999-2001,
as visual artist, reporter, communicator and web designer in 2006-2010.
​I like the idea of Slow Living Lifestyle.
I live in Finland, Europe. I'm member of associations in Finland, Europe
​You can find my profile on Finnish Designers